Guest Post: Richard Vaughn on Why #DiabetesAccessMatters

We will be sharing stories about access and the issues patients have encountered in getting the diabetes supplies, medications, and services they need. Richard Vaughn of Richard’s Rambling Reviews,  gives his thoughts and comments about access by sharing his story.

10537874_1522101764744303_7846710536180999057_nI was diagnosed with diabetes in 1945, when I was 6. After 62 years of type 1 diabetes I was having some diabetes complications, and decided to use an insulin pump for the first time. The pump gave me much more stability with my blood sugar levels, with fewer highs and lows. My complications improved a lot, but a few years ago I started having complications again.

The likelihood of complications increases with the length of time since diagnosis. Then I read about the Dexcom CGM, and many of my friends were praising it highly. I wanted a CGM so much, but Medicare would not cover the expenses involved. My endocrinologist wrote a letter of medical necessity, but I was still turned down by Medicare. A friend was changing from the Dexcom G4 model, to the G5, and she sent me her older G4 equipment.

I love the Dexcom, and it has helped me so much!! The equipment will expire soon, and I cannot afford new equipment out of pocket. My good diabetes management will suffer, and my complications will probably resurface. I do not want neuropathy and retinopathy in my life in the years ahead.

If Medicare would agree to cover a CGM for me, I would have much better control of my diabetes. I feel that my health and life expectancy would improve significantly, without any serious complications, if Medicare would cover a Dexcom CGM.

Help Richard & Others Get CGM Medicare Coverage!

Act now and with a few clicks, send a message to your Congressional representatives, asking them to co-sponsor the CGM Medicare Act!

access_™ 612x300If you would like to share your story about access and why #diabetesaccessmatters to you and your family, please do so here. Our voices and our stories are powerful. Share yours.

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