Election Countdown: Every Diabetes Vote Matters

Every. Diabetes. Vote. Matters.

Over the next week, we’ll be asking you to remind our politicians that diabetes doesn’t get voted down, lost in subcommittees, or shelved until a new administration comes in. Our families and friends and employees live with diabetes without a lame duck session.

And if none of us get a break, politicians shouldn’t get a break from our diabetes votes.

Whether you’ve already voted by mail, taken advantage of early voting options, or will wait in line on November 8th to cast your ballot… the election will make a difference in your life with diabetes.

Poor, Poor Diabetes Policy Issues

There are still bills waiting to be voted on, sitting in committees, wishing to be brought in front of the House and Senate. Bills that will help everyone impacted by diabetes. And despite all the hoopla surrounding who will lead the United States from the Oval Office, we need to remind policy makersĀ about them and urge them to take action.

Can You Take A Minute for Diabetes?

Even if you’ve already sent messages to your policy makers, it’s a new day… and they may have forgotten about diabetes. (Can you forget? Didn’t think so.) We’re asking you to send a message, asking them to think about what their future actions in Congress will do to impact our lives and share their responses with you.

Click on the image below and send your message right now. It takes a minute (or less) to do – and it sends an important message to candidates and incumbents alike: their decisions matter…just like your vote.

We The People

We, the people impacted by diabetes, need to know how each candidate feels about the bills currently on The Hill, and how the candidates will support over 29 million American families through diabetes policy.

Click here:

Ask the candidates where they stand on diabetes issues.l
Ask the candidates where they stand on diabetes issues by clicking this image.

Over the next few days, we will be providing you with the tools to raise your voice and make your diabetes vote count, focusing on the diabetes policy issues that our community believes are important.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait, you can always go here and send more messages to policy makers. We won’t stop you; we encourage you!

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