#Coverage2Control with JDRF


DPAC stands with JDRF as it launches its latest advocacy campaign #Coverage2Control, aimed at insurers.

Much like DPAC’s #diabetesaccessmatters campaign from last summer, the person with diabetes is the most important voice in the campaign. We are the ones bearing the brunt of the seemingly arbitrary choices (or financial, benefiting the insurer, not the patient).

Their petition urges insurance companies to provide coverage that works for people with Type 1 diabetes. Called #Coverage2Control, it focuses on three things people with T1D need from insurance companies to control their disease:

  1. Affordability: Predictable and reasonable out-of-pocket costs for insulin and diabetes management tools.
  2. Choice: The freedom to choose the insulin pump that’s right for them, which means no exclusive agreements with pump makers that limit choice.
  3. Coverage: Cover all life-saving technology, including artificial pancreas systems.

JDRF states:

People with T1D incur almost three times the level of medical expenses as compared to people without diabetes, according to one study. …

“Diabetes is not a one-size-fits-all disease,” said Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D., chief mission officer at JDRF. “People with T1D should have access to the tools they need to control their disease at a reasonable cost, and we need insurance companies to make sure polices don’t make it harder for people with T1D to control their condition.”

To learn more and sign the petition, head on over to JDRF’s Coverage2Control.com website.

Why Does DPAC Support JDRF’s #Coverage2Control Campaign?

Advocacy, especially policy advocacy, requires many voices raised as one to be effective. DPAC often collaborates and supports other non-profit organizations when their vision and focus aligns in the areas of safety, quality, and access. #Coverage2Control is similar to last summer’s DPAC #diabetesaccessmatters campaign and we are happy to support this effort as insurers make coverage choices for 2018.

Even though JDRF’s advocacy focus is Type 1 diabetes and DPAC’s is for all types of diabetes, it is crucial that we work together and support the community’s organizations’ efforts to change policy in the United States, especially when it comes to coverage. We see that often times, advocacy work that is done for one segment of the diabetes community helps all people with diabetes.

Even if you do not have Type 1 diabetes, you can help raise awareness of the need for access to the coverage and treatment options that keep people with diabetes healthy.

Sign the #Coverage2Control Petition here.

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