Julie Babbage Appointed New DPAC CEO



Lexington, Kentucky, Dec. 9, 2019 – DPAC today announced the appointment of Julie Babbage, of Babbage Cofounder as the new CEO. Julie will be assuming responsibilities immediately, according to Mr. Stewart Perry, DPAC Vice-Chair, and acting interim CEO. In addition, DPAC has retained the management services of Babbage Cofounder Services that consolidate core, administrative functions so that leadership can focus more on growth and vision of DPAC. 

Julie stated, “There is a tremendous opportunity in this next chapter to grow our identity, our partnerships, our reach, and the organization as a whole. Diabetes is personal to each of us in DPAC. I am inspired by our Champions, the members of our community, who carry forth the mission of DPAC each day.” 

DPAC has been a strong, consistent voice for diabetes patients and their families. Stewart Perry Vice Chair of the Board and interim CEO stated “I can think of no firm more dedicated to helping people with diabetes than Babbage Cofounder, and Julie will help to continue the work that Christel Aprigliano former CEO and founder started. The board, with Julie’s leadership, looks forward to DPAC’s growth and leadership in the diabetes space.

Julie is Babbage Cofounder’s Washington, DC lead and also works on state issues. In addition to years of legislative advocacy, Julie brings bipartisan Hill experience and relationships to DPAC. She spent two years in Deloitte’s federal consulting practice helping implement enterprise-wide transformations within several government agencies. Her interest in government began early, and she interned during college at both national and international levels – U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and for the U.S. Ambassador to England through the state department. Julie is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

About Babbage Cofounder Babbage Cofounder is a government affairs firm with a bipartisan philosophy that includes grassroots, grass tips, like- minded or “like-missioned” associations, and leaders working in connected roles. The firm is widely recognized as a leader in advocacy in Kentucky and surrounding states. During the past dozen years Babbage has been a steady, passionate voice for diabetes action. This work includes coaching health care and medical leaders to elevate professional efforts to manage, learn about and eventually cure diabetes – generating support across the spectrum for significant change and results.

About Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) a 501(c)(4) non-partisan organization amplifying diabetes patient voice through an alliance of people with diabetes, caregivers, patient advocates, health professionals, disease organizations and companies working collaboratively to promote and support public policy initiatives to improve the health of people with diabetes. DPAC seeks to ensure the safety and quality of medications, devices, and services; and access to care for all 30.3 million Americans with diabetes.