5 Simple eTips to Better Know Your Congress Members

Are you doing these?

Find Congress Members

Know your Senators and Representative. That is super easy enter your zip code here to find your elected Members of Congress. If it finds multiple possible officials for your ZIP code, you can narrow your search by entering your street, city, state and ZIP code OR your nine-digit ZIP code (ZIP+4).

Member Newsletter

From the search above just click a Member of Congress to learn more about them. Then on the detail page click to their official website and sign up for their newsletter. Newsletters will help you see how they project themselves. Their newsletters are a good way to learn about events like town hall meetings, other public appearances, and call in session.

Social Media

Connect with your Congress Members on social media. Social media offers the opportunity for you to comment back Members’ posts. You can find social media links on members’ official sites and from DPAC’s Scorecard. (https://diabetespac.org/scorecard/)

Get Alerts

Use Google Google Alerts (http://www.google.com/alerts) just enter their name and set up email to alert you to news about your member of Congress. News feeds give you the ability to be timely. When you Congress Member is in the news cycle, it is an excellent time to comment and tailor messages for phone calls and letters to current events.

Follow Local Reporters

Find the local reporters who cover your members of Congress with Google News (https://news.google.com/news). Look for those with local papers and media. Read their stories and comment. Follow the reports on Twitter, engage and where appropriate offer resources about life with diabetes.

These Simple steps can help you better understand and engage with your Members of Congress. These same things can help you better know you state officials too.

Do you use other tips or tricks to know better you elected representative? Please share the in comments below.

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