Suspend Medicare’s Dangerous Competitive Bidding Program for Diabetes Testing Supplies

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Disastrous for People with Diabetes

Disastrous for All Americans

Since 2011, Medicare has been experimenting on people with diabetes. That was the year Medicare began to test a Competitive Bidding Program for diabetes testing supplies.

In 2013, despite grave concerns expressed by physicians, nurses, educators and patients, Medicare expanded the program nationally.

Now we know with certainty that the program is not working. A new article in Diabetes Care, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Diabetes Association, shows that competitive bidding for diabetes testing supplies has failed on all counts.

Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program was supposed to save money, keep beneficiaries out of the hospital, and save lives.

We ask these questions:

Does It Save Money?

Competitive bidding was supposed to save money for patients and the US Healthcare system.


But, as a result of the program, costs are actually increasing.

Decrease Hospital Stays?

The bidding program was intended to improve of care with access to quality testing supplies.


Medicare beneficiaries in test markets experienced more than twice as many inpatient hospital admissions.

Does Bidding Save Lives?

The ultimate question. The most recent peer-reviewed scientific study clearly proves it did not.


The mortality rate in the test markets was twice as high as the non-test markets. This bidding program is costing lives.

The Medicare Competitive Bidding Program must be suspended until a full and complete investigation can be completed and assurance made that people with diabetes are safe.

What Needs To Be Done?



ongress must demand an immediate suspension of competitive bidding for diabetes testing supplies until Medicare can demonstrate that the program is working, that taxpayers are in fact saving money, that access to testing supplies is not interrupted, and that lives are not being lost. 

Members of Congress must hear from you. Take action to demand suspension of Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program.


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0Million Americans
The number of U.S. individuals aged 65 years of age and older needing diabetes supplies.

What The Experts Are Saying

“We are particularly concerned about the disruption we detected in our analysis given the predominant use of rapid- and short-acting insulin by Medicare beneficiaries, who are at significantly greater risk for hypoglycemia than younger individuals with insulin-treated diabetes.”
As implemented, Medicare has used the Competitive Bidding Program to significantly reduce the cost of diabetes testing supplies by restricting access to improved technology devices and limiting choice for patients and healthcare professionals based primarily on cost
The goal of competitive bidding was to reduce costs for both patients and the American taxpayer and to ensure access to quality products and services. For diabetes testing supplies, the program has failed on both of its objectives.

Remarkably, the Medicare agency continues to insist that the program is working.

The evidence is overwhelming to the contrary. We can take action to ask Congress to help keep over 11 million Americans safe.


The next disruption began on July 1, 2016.

This means:

  • Existing suppliers may have lost the bids, so they will no longer offer supplies
  • New suppliers who won the bids may not carry your supplies
  • More disruptions and restrictions to access of diabetes testing supplies
  • More money wasted, more hospitalizations, more fatalities.


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