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I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes over 30 years ago and have seen many advancements as well as jumped through many hoops to manage the ever rising cost of diabetes care. My most recent frustration involves coverage for a particular test strip. UHC’s preferred brand is One Touch, MY preferred brand is FreeStyle, because I use a tubeless pump called the Omnipod. I love the freedom of no pump tube and I certainly don’t miss the frustration of just where to put the tubed pump on my body, having to suspend delivery if I want to swim or take a shower, where do I put the unit when I sleep, etc. The Omnipod PDM uses FreeStyle and I had to spend several months dealing with appeals for UHC to cover my Freestyle test strips. In addition, while pumps are generally considered DME (and UHC covers DME at 100%), UHC does not consider the Omnipod as DME and I have to pay a copay. Now I am hearing that UHC is now forcing people to use the Medtronic Pump over other standard pumps! This is outrageous and I will be woefully upset if the industry forces me to go from a tubeless pump to a tubed pump. Medtronic and UHC are giving a BS comment that the reason for forcing people to use one brand is to improve Diabetes care by having universal data! Are you kidding me!? What “universal data” is UHC using and what are they using it for!? Most of the time I speak to UHC reps they don’t even know what half of the supplies/medications are used for much less the definition of medical jargon and what data even means! Just say what it really is, a way for two GIANT companies to eek out more money from people already strapped by the cost of medical care. It’s absolutely absurd that companies make HUGE profit off of people with medical conditions. The citizens of the United States claim they want the freedom of choice, that they don’t want regulations and no one has ever mentioned just how many regulations exist. The insurance industry abuses the ability to regulate medical treatment and care and they only do it for monetary reasons. So we’ll continue to pay premiums and co-pays and meet limits after which there is no money for your medical treatment and no one will ever ask … why do I have to pay all of this money and still get boxed into what choices I make concerning health care!? We don’t need healthcare reform…we need INSURANCE REFORM!