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I will reach my 40th diaversary as a Type 1 later this summer. After years of injections, I began pumping insulin in 2011 and became eligible for Medicare in 2014. Insulin, when used in a pump, is covered under Medicare Part B, while injected insulin is covered under Medicare Part D. Medicare currently reimburses providers LESS than their wholesale cost for insulin under Part B while this is not the case for Part D reimbursement. As a result, more and more providers are refusing to fill insulin under Medicare Part B because of these reimbursement practices. I have already had one provider advise me that they would no longer fill my insulin due to Medicare reimbursement practices. I live in fear that my current provider will also soon refuse to fill my insulin under Part B. Every time I go to refill it, an override to the costs is required, because they are losing money. While I also have Part D coverage, my Part D provider will not cover something that is covered under Part B. I’ve recently sent 10 letters about this long-standing problem to my congressmen and to those representatives sitting on the Health subcommittees of the House Energy and Commerce and House Ways and Means committees. These health subcommittees are those responsible for Medicare regulations. Two of the House representatives who are on these subcommittees have returned my letters advising they cannot intercede because I am not in their district. Do these reps ONLY speak for their district constituency when they are members of a House subcommittee???? (My own representative, whom I written to as well, is not a member of these subcommittees.) What can be done to get the legislative changes needed to correct this problem? Any advice and direction will be welcomed!