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After receiving the letter from my long time Diabetes Test Strips Supplier informing me that they are no longer carrying my brand (accu-chek) I followed the instructions for accessing the Medicare website to get a new supplier. For my area there were only 9 companies, researching further showed that only 4 of the companies carried my brand, not knowing that one was better than another I chose the first name on the list. Weeks later after registeringand having my doctor send them the prescription, they send out a generic e-mail that they no longer provide this brand of test strips. Onto the next name on the list, a few days after registering I received a phone call from the 2nd supplier that they no longer can provide this product. I then started calling the others before registering, after literally hours of phone calls I found out that not a single company on the Medicare list is providing this product. I then called the manufacturer Accu-Chek to get their input, they also agreed that no mail order medicare supplier is able to provide this product (that I’ve been getting for years!) and they had no other suggestion except to check with the local pharmacies. The entire purpose of this program was to save money by dealing mail order and avoiding the trips and co-pays at the pharmacy. The website has a form letter generator that will send a complaint/concern letter to your state representatives but I’m sure it will be received with very low priority and if anything a form letter back in response, as usual the senior citizens and diabetic patients are getting screwed and nobody cares.