Safe at SchoolSafe_at_School

Thanks for advocating, Safe at school passed! One down more to go.

License Diabetes Educators

PrintAsk the State House to pass HB 1851 to protect people in the Commonwealth with diabetes by licensing professional diabetes educators. We have messages for people with diabetes to send asking for quality educators and for educators to ask for recognition of their profession.

Oh and a DPAC PA Tweet too.


Keep Kids Well

PrintType 1 is increasing yet there are still tragic undiagnosed cases. Ask your State Officials to follow the precedent set in North Carolina that promotes education on the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes at children’s wellness visits.

Write State Officials to Keep Care Settings Infection Free

PrintAssisted blood glucose monitoring in long-term care facilities, clinic, and hospitals is sadly a primary source of blood-borne virus disease transmission. Between 1990 and 2008, there were 18 hepatitis B virus infection outbreaks in the United States that were associated with the improper use of blood glucose monitoring equipment. 147 people acquired hepatitis B. Six of those patients died.

Learn more by listening to our Ask An Expert session with Dr. Pamela Allweiss MD, MPH, on the Risk of Virus Transmission in Healthcare Settings Due to Diabetes Supplies

Unfortunately, preventable outbreaks are still occurring due to breaches in infection control policies. Recently an outbreak of Hepatitis B was attributed to improper assisted blood glucose monitoring in Pennsylvania.