Using the Scorecard

The DPAC Scorecard is a tool to connect you directly with Congress using social media. It provides links to members’ resources and sends Twitter messages critical to living with diabetes. 

How do you use it? We’ve made it easier than ever with our new updated Scorecard!


We have updated the Scorecard to reflect changes in the new Congress. It lists all members by state and district on the left.

  1. Just scroll to find your state.
  2. Clicking a member’s name will send an advocacy message on a current DPAC campaign. The member section of the Scorecard is highlighted yellow in the example below.
  3. Go ahead and click on yours and send a tweet. (And you can help us make sure that the info is correct – there are 535 members of Congress – that’s a lot of clicking!)

TIP: If you don’t know your members or district number, that is OK. Here is a link that will look them up based on your zip code.

Follow Congress Online

Links to the right of members’ names make it easy to connect with Congress. The Scorecard links members’ DC phone number, official website, Facebook, and Twitter. These links are in the section highlighted green above.

Members’ Web Pages

  • Click “www” on the Scorecard for official web pages.
  • Bookmark your member’s website and check regularly for news.
  • Sign up for your members’ official newsletter from their web page. These are an excellent way to know when you can attend a local event and talk with your Congress member.
  • Make an appointment to meet with local staff in your area. Find your Members’ local office and phone number.

TIP: Create contacts in your smartphone’s address book for your Senators and Representative with both DC and local information.

Connect With Members’ on Social Media

  • Use the Facebook and Twitter links on the Scorecard to follow your Senators and Representative.
  • Some members are active on other social media platforms too. Check their official web page for links. These are additional places for you to share policy comments.
  • The amount members post varies.

TIP: Some members post to social media accounts infrequently, but they may still be listening to messages online.

Sending Tweets

This Congress is starting with the process of repeal and replacement of ACA. The Scorecard offers click-to-send Twitter messages on issues that are vital to diabetes in the replacement conversation. These links are in the white section on the right in the example above.

  • These use the Twitter account on your computer or phone. If you don’t have a Twitter account you can create one here.
  • Click a message link next to a member of Congress.
  • Click send the Tweet.
  • Come back and send messages regularly.

TIP: Click the number of PWD on the far right to open a window to draft a Twitter message of your own.

More Changes to Come

We expect some members of Congress to be appointed to positions in the administration. We will note vacancies and replacements as they happen.