People with diabetes rely on devices, medications, and practices to perform to established safety standards. We count on these to avoid dangerous hypoglycemia and minimize costly long-term complications. Our devices need to be accurate to insure our medications and practices do no harm. The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition will bring awareness and advocacy on safety matters. More.

● Contamination in multi-patient settings
● Calls for diabetes blood glucose testing systems to meet approved standards

Diabetes self-management requires effective modern tools. Standards for devices should advance as better tools become widely available. Regulatory processes should value patient voices in the creation of guidelines. More.

● More accurate meters/strips including post-market surveillance
● Artificial pancreas development

Access to quality diabetes care products through private insurance and Medicare is critical to living successfully with diabetes and minimizing costly complications. Join other DPAC Patient Voices in calling for access to accurate strips, CGM, and coverage processes that provide patients with the tools they need. More.

● Access to quality products through Medicare competitive bidding patient protection reforms
● Access to diabetes education
● Access of CGM technology for Medicare patients