Who is DPAC?

DPAC was co-founded and is run by patients with diabetes. The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) is an alliance of people with diabetes, caregivers, patient advocates, health professionals, disease organizations and companies working collaboratively to promote and support public policy initiatives to improve the health of people with diabetes. DPAC seeks to ensure the safety and quality of medications, devices, and services; and access to care for all 30.2 million Americans with diabetes.

How does DPAC make policy advocacy easy?

We get it – Diabetes is a pain to deal with already. Advocacy is often thought to be too time-consuming. Easy diabetes advocacy means DPAC will do the time-consuming work for you.

We keep track of who your elected officials are, which official is on what committee, issues that have the potential to hurt or benefit our community, what bills will make a difference in our lives, who has cosponsored what bill and more.

We let you know why it’s important to act right away, then give you the means to do so quickly through a series of clicks to effectively share your voice with policymakers.


To help with an expedient diabetes advocacy experience, we suggest you fill out your name and address and check the box “Remember me.” That will let DPAC set cookies to prefill communications. If it works for shopping, streaming entertainment and search engines, it can help your advocacy.

Will you sell/rent my email address or personal information that I input?

No. Your information will not be rented or sold; it’s collected securely in a database to ensure that your messages reach the correct policymakers by geographic region. We may ask for additional information to learn of your interests and how we can better serve you, but we will never sell this information to a third-party.

Who will hear from DPAC?

We will engage policy makers at all levels: federal, state, and administrative agencies.

Most of the current phenomenal diabetes advocacy and support groups have organized as IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, with strict limits regarding lobbying. These organizations, particularly the innovative small ones, must responsibly stay far from those limits. We seek to fill that gap as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.

How will you share a unified patient voice for a disease as diverse as diabetes? (Type 1 vs. type 2, parent vs. child, etc.?)

DPAC has committed to the idea that diabetes doesn’t discriminate. We have no interest in promoting cross-type discord. There are benefits of numbers, passion, and reach in various parts of the diabetes community. We all benefit from all those skills. If an individual has an interest in raising their voice to help people with diabetes get access to safe and quality products and services in the United States, then we welcome them with open arms.

Divided we can be ignored. Together we make a difference.

What will happen after I take action on an issue?

Successful advocacy is a long term process. DPAC’s role is an ongoing effort to keep attention on diabetes when policymakers are making decisions about our lives.

We will inform you of the results of a particular campaign and of any issues that need to be raised as a unified voice of diabetes patients, making it easy for you to act.

How are you different from other large diabetes organizations?

We are interested in increasing attention to diabetes, not raising money for patient programs or research. Our focus is simply amplifying and unifying the diabetes patient voice.

We have no interest in recreating the wheel. There are wonderful existing efforts that offer highly credible and carefully focused campaigns. We will amplify the existing campaigns out there and raise awareness of all efforts, adding value where possible. We need it all to get attention and policy action.