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Do you know that you can look back and forward at the same time? That’s what we’re doing with our DPAC Insiders quarterly dialogues. Our first was recently held and we shared what our diabetes policy advocacy community has done together and what we are planning on spearheading in 2016.

If you missed the live presentation, you can watch the recording by clicking here. 

What DPAC Accomplished in 2015

DPAC officially launched the online portal for patient diabetes policy advocacy on June 1, 2015 and since then, our DPAC Insiders (if you’ve sent a message or joined, you’re one!) have taken 2,750 “Actions,” sending tweets and emails to elected representative on both a federal and state level.

We’ve helped push two bills forward: the CGM Medicare Act of 2015 and the National Diabetes Commission Clinical Care Act. (Still bills, not laws yet!)

We’ve raised our voices about the importance of enforcing infection control policies on a state level, as people with diabetes have endured preventable Hepatitis B outbreaks because of the sharing or improper disinfecting of diabetes testing supplies.

We created the DPAC Scorecard. DPACs Scorecard helps you see where U.S. Congress member stand on legislation that will help people with diabetes. With the Scorecard, you are able to simply click and tweet Congress.

What is DPAC’s Focus for 1st Quarter 2016?

CGM Medicare Act of 2015

Medicare should join the vast majority of private insurance providers in making CGM accessible by Medicare patients. American seniors, who are successfully managing insulin-dependant diabetes, should not lose this powerful tool when they join Medicare. This bill will also possibly help with artificial pancreas pathways and getting CGMs covered by Medicaid in all states.

The Medicare CGM Access Act added 27 House and 6 Senate co-sponsors in the first quarter (so far!) in 2016. We’re closer to getting this enacted, but we continue to need your help!

The Senate Bill and House Bill can be found by clicking the links.

Medicare Competitive Bidding

Speaking of Medicare, we are disturbed by the increased mortality, hospitalization, and patient costs with the CMS Competitive Bidding Program for diabetes supplies. Information from a comprehensive study has shown that CMS is ignoring the facts. You can take action and learn more.

National Diabetes Commission Clinical Care ActPrint

This bill coordinates the focus on diabetes activities and helps the federal government to better address the disease, in a fiscally responsible and effective manner. The act is budget neutral, and prior experience suggest this commission can have a significant positive impact on care. The National Diabetes Commission Clinical Care Act added 19 House and 3 Senate co-sponsors since January 1, 2016.

The Senate Bill and House Bill can be found by clicking the links.

Ask An Expert Series

DPAC has created a monthly Ask an Expert Series to provide professional inside looks into the most concerning problems related to diabetes. In January, our expert from the CDC shared important information on the Risk of Bloodborne Virus Transmission Due to Diabetes Supplies in Healthcare. In December, Dr. Gary Puckrein spoke on the findings of a white paper about CMS’s Diabetes Supplies Competitive Bidding Program.

We have two upcoming Ask an Expert presentations that you can sign up for now (simply click the images to register):

DPAC_ASKanEXPERT_AACE (1)                                         DPAC_ASKanEXPERT


DPAC BOOT CAMP 600x600Diabetes Advocacy Boot Camp

No one is expected to be an expert in diabetes policy advocacy just starting out. We will be offering you way to learn how to be an effective advocate through The DPAC Diabetes Advocacy Boot Camps (DABC’s). These will be held online and in real life. You can attend a DPAC DABC in person at:

The Diabetes UnConference Las Vegas – March 11, 2016

Friends For Life Falls Church, VA – April 9, 2016


What Will DPAC Do in 2nd Quarter of 2016?

DPAC District  Days

One of the responsibilities of being in Congress is to head home and speak to the people who live in your district. This is the best opportunity to schedule time with your elected officials to speak to them about diabetes related policy. We want you to get up close and personal, so we will provide you the tools to do so. Afterwards, we would love to hear your story in order to encourage more to do so as well.

How Do Candidates Feel About Diabetes?

It’s 2016. That means it’s an election year. DPAC will let you know how candidates feel about specific diabetes issues before you head out to the polls.

Online Resources for Advocates

DPAC will provide you the online resources you need as a diabetes policy dvocate. We will provide:DPACActNowBubble checklists, downloads, in-depth knowledge, and of course…. a little fun.

What Can You Do Right Now?

Become a DPAC Insider. Sign up now and then tell a friend or click a button on the DPAC site.

If you have any questions about what DPAC has done or what we have planned, do not hesitate to reach out and ask us. We are here to make diabetes advocacy easier for you. We value your feedback.