How an Idea Becomes a State Law

Have you ever thought to yourself, “there ought to be a law about that”? Working to get state laws introduced, passed, and signed is an important part of diabetes advocacy, especially now that states are taking a very active role in healthcare. Here’s a look through the whole process, […]

Diabetes Advocacy in Kentucky

Diabetes Prevention – Call for Line Item Funding

DPAC KY LineitemFor the first time in recent memory, Kentucky’s biennial budget has failed to provide line-item funding for diabetes prevention programs. This is a major step backward for a state that is […]

Diabetes Advocacy in Pennsylvania


Safe at SchoolSafe_at_School

Thanks for advocating, Safe at school passed! One down more to go.

License Diabetes Educators

PrintAsk the State House to pass HB 1851 to protect people in the Commonwealth with diabetes […]