Congress Asks: Why Can’t Seniors Have Accurate BG Meters?

Trusted versus Unknown

If you had a choice between using a trusted blood glucose meter that you know is accurate and one that you had never used before (and never heard of before) that you don’t know is accurate, which would you […]

Help the Senate HELP Committee

The current lack of coordination between three dozen federal agencies for diabetes programs is one item that can be fixed by the current 114th Congress.

The National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act (H.R.1192/S.586) would create a commission to help bring […]

To Full House


The Energy & Commerce Committee “Ordered to be Reported” H.R. 1192 – The National screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-33-37-amDiabetes Clinical Care Commission Act. Reported means sent to the full house for a […]

This Just In: Diabetes Coordination Bill “Marked Up”


The Health subcommittee of the Energy & Commerce Committee took key steps this screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-1-10-53-pmweek on  H.R.1192 – The National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act. They marked it […]

Guest Post: Lisa Laird – Why Diabetes Educators Licensure?

On May 23 the Pennsylvania House Professional Licensure will meet on House Bill 1851, Licensure of Diabetes Educators. Please share your support if you are in PA.

DPAC_LisaLpngLicensure will optimize patient care for those with diabetes by identifying to […]

National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act

PrintImagine gathering 37 people in a room to work on a problem.

Each get a piece of paper with the name of a disease written at the top and special assignments for that person. Those assignments could be to raise awareness, build and implement […]

We Need A Hearing on Diabetes

ACT NOW: to ask Congress for a Hearing on Diabetes.

In the five years since the last hearing on diabetes held in Congress, the number of Americans diagnosed with prediabetes has increased to 86 million, the cost of diabetes care in the U.S. has exploded to $322 billion annually, […]

Untangle Federal Agencies

ACT NOW: To Ask Congress members to sponsor the National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act

Here is why:

Diabetes is a significant problem for our nation. It touches the lives of thirty million Americans. Living well with diabetes requires individuals to make healthy changes to the status quo.

The government needs to make […]