How to Rock Diabetes Advocacy at Town Hall Meetings

Time for Recess! (And That Means Town Halls!)

Now that summer is in full swing, just like for students, Congress has a long recess out of Washington. With this Congressional session wrapping up, representatives have flown out of D.C. and back to […]

DPAC District Days: Scheduling The Meeting

Scheduling a meeting with your representative is the perfect way to turn the heat up and meet with our representatives when they are home from Washington, D.C. this summer. Diabetes doesn’t stop working, so we can’t either when it comes to asking Congress for help on diabetes issues. Not […]

Get Ready: DPAC District Days Are Coming!

What are DPAC District Days?

Your Congressional representatives don’t spend all year in Washington, D.C. voting on bills. In fact, they will only spend 110 days there in 2016. One of the most important things that they do is meet with their constituents while in their own […]