Each month the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition presents an Expert on an issue. We want advocacy to be easy, so we make our ACT NOW actions easy. We also know advocates will want simple paths that lead them to the details of issues, so we host webinars with the quality of leaders who present at diabetes conferences.

On this page, you can register for future webinars and replay ones you may have missed. Think of this as a TiVo of diabetes advocacy sessions.

March 29, 2016 Ask An Expert: The State of Type 1 Diabetes Policy Advocacy

DPAC_ASKanEXPERT-300x300The State of Type 1 Diabetes Policy Advocacy

DPAC presents an expert double header! JDRF’s  Aaron Kowalski, PhD, Chief Mission Officer and Cynthia Rice, Senior VP, Advocacy join in a conversation on diabetes policy advocacy.

Play the Webinar Recording […]

Replay – Ask an Expert: Coordinating Federal Policy

DPAC is proud to present distinguished endocrinologist and passionate advocate for coordinated diabetes policy: Dr. George Grunberger, MD, FACP, FACE. Dr. Grunberger will talk about how Coordinating Federal Policy

About Dr. Grunberger

Dr. Grunberger is a medical school professor, serves on FDA committees, […]

Replay: Ask An Expert: Risk of Virus Transmission in Healthcare Settings Due To Diabetes Supplies

DPAC Ask An Expert: Dr. Pamela Allweiss MD, MPH- Risk of Virus Transmission in Healthcare Settings Due to Diabetes Supplies


Dr. Pamela Allweiss, MD, MPH, Medical Officer for the Division of Diabetes Translation at the Centers for Disease […]

Replay: Ask An Expert: Risks of Medicare Competitive Bidding

DPAC Ask An Expert: Dr. Gary Puckrien, PHD – Risk of Medicare Competitive Bidding



Dr. Gary Puckrein, Ph.D of the National Minority Quality Forum kicked off our new presentation series, Ask An Expert, with a closer […]