ACT to Protect People with Diabetes in the U.S.

Pre-Existing Conditions Must Be Protected

The 115th Congress and the Trump Administration has made repealing the Affordable Care Act a top priority. For over 29 million U.S. families, this will be a devastating blow, as protections for those with pre-existing conditions, including diabetes, will […]

Election Countdown: Hello, CGM Bill? We’re Keeping Score.

For those of us keeping score about the CGM Bill in Congress at home…

Wait, why bother keeping score at home when you can easily do so at DPAC’s website?

Here’s where we are sitting with the Medicare CGM Access Act […]

Guest Post: A DME Owner’s Perspective on Competitive Bidding

sam-headAs the owner of a durable medical equipment company, pharmacy and the parent of a Type 1 diabetic child, I participated in Medicare’s competitive bid program and watched closely as Medicare decimated the reimbursement amounts for diabetes supplies.

Guest Post: Victor Walsh on Competitive Bidding

victor-a-walshDPAC shares stories about access and the issues patients have encountered in getting the diabetes supplies, medications, and services they need. Dr. Victor Walsh, Ph.D and PWD (person with diabetes),  gives his thoughts and comments about the Medicare Competitive Bidding program for diabetes […]

We Deserve Answers from Medicare.

As people impacted by diabetes living in the United States, we know that any disruption in accessing our supplies can be catastrophic. Many individuals fight to get the supplies, medications, and services they need to stay healthy with diabetes.

We need to tell Congress that we need answers […]

Ask An Expert: Access Matters – Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE


If you’re frustrated with what’s going on with insurers and finding access to the tools, medications, and services you need to stay healthy with diabetes, play back this DPAC Ask An Expert with Gary Scheiner.

Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE (and PWD)

DPAC_AAE Gary Replay

Do They Think We’re Dumb?

I’ve jumped through hoops of fire (or so it feels) to manage the insurance side of my diabetes. After thirty-three years of Type 1 diabetes, I sadly understand that I have to be vigilant and, at times, downright aggressive in demanding the […]

Anthem Responds to #DiabetesAccessMatters

media300x300actA DPAC Insider shared that Anthem, one of the companies receiving emails about the importance of access to prescribed diabetes treatments, has responded.

Dr. John S. Yao, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P, the Staff VP Medical Policy Development, Office of Medical Policy […]

They Are Not Waiting. Neither Should We.

Can the Diabetes Community respond to FDA’s Challenge?

FDA is holding a hearing on July 21 to consider a labeling change application by Dexcom for  the Dexcom G5®. This panel will not wait for patient voices; they will vote on the 21st with or

Guest Post: Chris Clement on Why #DiabetesAccessMatters

We will be sharing stories about access and the issues patients have encountered in getting the diabetes supplies, medications, and services they need. Chris Clement of Diabetic Ink,  gives his thoughts and comments about access and technology by sharing his story.

ChrisClementLiving with […]