CALIFORNIA: Tell Your State Legislators To Support AB 447

On April 25th, the California Assembly Health Committee will hold a hearing on AB 447.

AB 447 would authorize Medi-Cal to cover CGM as ‘medically necessary’ and end the disparity of access compared to all major private health plans in California that offer CGM.  They will decide if the bill can move forward and be considered by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Every major commercial health plan in California covers CGM.  They recognize the value of CGM in improving outcomes and lowering the total cost of treating this horrible disease.  Medicaid programs in forty states recognize the value of CGM and provide access for high-risk diabetic patients.

CGM can help narrow the wide gap in diabetes outcomes between poor and wealthier communities in California.   The rate of diabetic amputations where Medi-Cal is the primary health provider is 10 times higher than wealthy communities, according to a 2015 UCLA study.  Another UCLA study showed the rate of hospitalizations was higher for people with diabetes, and the cost of care was over $2,200 more per patient.

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Utilization of CGM will not “break the budget” – only a small portion all diabetics will meet the strict clinical guidelines for CGM use.  The investment in CGM will pay for itself many times over in reducing severe and costly complications.


If you are a citizen in the state of California, here’s your opportunity to speak up to your State Assemblyman/woman and Senator, asking them to support AB 447 and support the diabetes community in California on Medi-Cal. 


Click here to send an email to your California Legislators Now. 

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