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Help the Senate HELP Committee

The current lack of coordination between three dozen federal agencies for diabetes programs is one item that can be fixed by the current 114th Congress.

The National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act (H.R.1192/S.586) would create a commission to help bring […]

This Election is Over. Now What?

This was an interesting election year, was it not?


34 of the 100 seats in the Senate were up for grabs.


All 435 seats in the House of Representatives were in play for the election. (Musical chairs, anyone?)


Regardless of your political affiliation, the nail biter evening brought surprises for many. Now […]

Guest Post: Jake Johnston on Effective Advocacy

Tips for Effective Advocacy

fullsizeoutput_9I’m a huge fan of DPAC and the work being done to highlight the policy environment facing people living with Type 1 Diabetes. DPAC has created an amazing resource where you can quickly and easily see […]

Election Countdown: And One Ring To Rule Them All…

The golden ring of J.R.R. Tolkien fame may not be the best symbol for this bill (my prrreeeecccciiiioooooouuusss…), but the National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act (NDCCA) would act exactly like it… it would “rule them all.” And that’s a good […]

Election Countdown: Hello, CGM Bill? We’re Keeping Score.

For those of us keeping score about the CGM Bill in Congress at home…

Wait, why bother keeping score at home when you can easily do so at DPAC’s website?

Here’s where we are sitting with the Medicare CGM Access Act […]

Election Countdown: Every Diabetes Vote Matters

Every. Diabetes. Vote. Matters.

Over the next week, we’ll be asking you to remind our politicians that diabetes doesn’t get voted down, lost in subcommittees, or shelved until a new administration comes in. Our families and friends and employees live with diabetes […]

Riddle Me This, Batman…

Why the Competitive Bidding Program is FLAWED.



Riddle me this, Batman…

If I’m a Durable Medical Equipment supplier and I want to bid on the diabetes testing supplies mail-order market, should I be allowed to do so if there are allegations that I violated […]

Guest Post: A DME Owner’s Perspective on Competitive Bidding

sam-headAs the owner of a durable medical equipment company, pharmacy and the parent of a Type 1 diabetic child, I participated in Medicare’s competitive bid program and watched closely as Medicare decimated the reimbursement amounts for diabetes supplies.

Guest Post: Victor Walsh on Competitive Bidding

victor-a-walshDPAC shares stories about access and the issues patients have encountered in getting the diabetes supplies, medications, and services they need. Dr. Victor Walsh, Ph.D and PWD (person with diabetes),  gives his thoughts and comments about the Medicare Competitive Bidding program for diabetes […]

We Deserve Answers from Medicare.

As people impacted by diabetes living in the United States, we know that any disruption in accessing our supplies can be catastrophic. Many individuals fight to get the supplies, medications, and services they need to stay healthy with diabetes.

We need to tell Congress that we need answers […]