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Accumulator Adjustment Programs Put Added Burden On People with Diabetes

If you use a copay or discount card to purchase your medicine, listen up. You may find that last year, your deductible was met with a combination of your copay card payment and your personal payment. This year, your insurance plan may have a trick up their […]

California Makes Moves to Ban PBM Gag Clauses on Pharmacists

California’s legislature is entertaining a bill that would, among other things, prevent pharmacy benefit managers from imposing gag clauses on pharmacists.

AB-315 amends the Health and Safety Code to include certain requirements for pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs. Among the requirements is a ban on gag clauses in contracts […]

Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Gag Clauses Tie Pharmacists’ Hands

Your pharmacist’s hands may be tied when it comes to telling you drug prices.

Gag clauses in contracts with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) prevent pharmacists from telling the truth about the price of some medications.

Currently, patients cannot rely on their pharmacist to give them all […]

How an Idea Becomes a State Law

Have you ever thought to yourself, “there ought to be a law about that”? Working to get state laws introduced, passed, and signed is an important part of diabetes advocacy, especially now that states are taking a very active role in healthcare. Here’s a look through the whole process, […]

Advocacy 101: Writing an Effective Op-Ed

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

When well written, op-eds can be wildly successful at convincing people to take action on a certain diabetes issue. This blog post will show you how to write an op-ed that will encourage people to advocate for your solution!

Introducing the 2018 DPAC Patient Advisory Board!

DPAC is proud to announce the

2018 Patient Advisory Board!

The members of the inaugural PAB will act as trusted spokespeople in all of DPAC’s advocacy efforts, promote DPAC’s mission within their communities, share their policy training skills, and […]

Transparency in Diabetes Drug Pricing

What is transparency in diabetes drug pricing?

The word “transparency” gets tossed around a lot by people in the healthcare community (it was even one of DPAC’s top 5 buzzwords from a drug supply chain Congressional Health Subcommittee hearing in December).  When patients […]

Medicaid Work Requirements Will Prevent People from Receiving Care

Medicaid Work Requirements Will Prevent People from Receiving Care

In January, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a guidance which announced that states would be allowed to require work hours for certain people on Medicaid. This is a huge departure from what CMS has said before, […]

Top 5 Takeaways from the White House Report on Drug Pricing

Top 5 Takeaways from the White House White Paper on Drug Pricing

On February 9th, the White House released a white paper on the causes and potential solutions to high drug prices. There are several important takeaways from the report, and we’ve compiled the top 5 for you here (just […]

How Closed Formularies Hurt Patients

How Closed Formularies Hurt Patients

Insurance providers have a problem: how do they balance the cost of drugs to patients versus the cost of drugs to themselves? Drug costs can pile up quickly on either side of the scale (or both!). To try and find the balance, many