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Lexicon for Diabetes Policy Advocacy


Diabetes Policy Advocacy Lexicon

Who has time to learn all the definitions of governmental advocacy? We do and so do you! With this simple lexicon, we’re sharing what you need to know to take action today!

Act: Legislation that is proposed that is comprised of many components. A few diabetes […]

Get Personal with Policy Makers

While facts and figures are important when you are talking with policy makers, nothing is more powerful than a personal story. Real life stories help representatives know how their actions directly impact their constituents.

How Can You Get Personal?

Daily Life

Explain what your daily life is like living with diabetes. You may […]

Important People in Your Elected Official’s Office

One of the important efforts in diabetes advocacy is setting up time to meet with your elected officials. It is also important to understand who the key people are in the office. The staff that works in the office are the ones who can directly communicate with your elected official.

The […]

What is the FDA?


FDA_Sign_&_Bldg_21_at_Entrance_(5204602349)The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with over 30 different divisions and offices, is responsible for overlooking the safety and efficiency of drugs, medical devices, food and other biological products for the United States public. For people with diabetes, the FDA plays […]

Thank You

Say Thanks!

DPACActNowBubbleAll of our efforts of reaching out to our elected officials to ask them to sponsor or co-sponsor bills that help people with diabetes matter. So does saying Thanks when they actually do it.

This list below is an on-going […]

How a Bill Becomes Lost in the Shuffle

capitol-hill-dpacjpgYou may remember the Schoolhouse Rock song about how a bill becomes a law, but in case you don’t, we’re going to share the steps.

Let’s outline the process of how a bill becomes a law using an example of a bill that […]

What is the Diabetes Caucus?

Special Diabetes ProgramDid you know that there is a Congressional Diabetes Caucus? In this brief introductory post, you’ll learn what it is, who is involved, and why it matters to the diabetes community.

What is a Caucus?

A caucus is made up of individuals that […]

Why Should You Be a DPAC Insider

Being a DPAC Insider gives you all of the tools and information you need to be the best diabetes policy advocate you can be. DPAC makes it easy to keep policy makers’ attention on people with diabetes by giving you the diabetes advocacy “easy button!”

As a DPAC Insider you […]

Diabetes Advocacy: Keeping It Simple

Diabetes policy advocacy can seem overwhelming when you think about all that goes into it. You may have preconceived notions as to why you aren’t involved. At DPAC, we get this.

We understand.

And now, we’re outlining the top five reasons why we thought we couldn’t “do” diabetes policy advocacy – and then what we […]