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To Full House


The Energy & Commerce Committee “Ordered to be Reported” H.R. 1192 – The National screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-33-37-amDiabetes Clinical Care Commission Act. Reported means sent to the full house for a […]

This Just In: Diabetes Coordination Bill “Marked Up”


The Health subcommittee of the Energy & Commerce Committee took key steps this screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-1-10-53-pmweek on  H.R.1192 – The National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act. They marked it […]

Ask An Expert: Access Matters – Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE


If you’re frustrated with what’s going on with insurers and finding access to the tools, medications, and services you need to stay healthy with diabetes, play back this DPAC Ask An Expert with Gary Scheiner.

Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE (and PWD)

DPAC_AAE Gary Replay

Help ADA Define 2017 Their Legislative & Regulatory Priorities

I do all advocacy actions that come my way: ADA’s, JDRF’s, and of course, DPAC District DaysDPAC’s. Every advocacy action helps us all, and all good ideas help.

ADA is looking to 2017 and has a survey to help focus their advocacy priorities. We […]

Sharing Your Story

Storytelling is an important advocacy tool. You and your experience with diabetes are unique. Personal stories are far more memorable than statistics. They connect in an easily to understand,  human way. Watch any political speech; they are full of stories to make policy points. We should too.

They Are Not Waiting. Neither Should We.

Can the Diabetes Community respond to FDA’s Challenge?

FDA is holding a hearing on July 21 to consider a labeling change application by Dexcom for  the Dexcom G5®. This panel will not wait for patient voices; they will vote on the 21st with or

June Thank You Tweets

Say Thanks!

DPACActNowBubbleDid mom teach you to send thank you notes?

Here’s a list of people who have recently co-sponsored a bill this month. To say “Thank You.” Just click to Thanks! Tweet.

Want to see more than just this month’s bill co-sponsors? […]

FDA and DPAC Webinar on Artificial Pancreas – #DOCasksFDA

Webinar on Artificial Pancreas

A Dialogue between the FDA and the Diabetes Community- Thursday, June 2, 2016

DPAC_ASKanEXPERT_FDAOn Thursday, June 2, 2016, the FDA will host a webinar to share general information about […]

Guest Post: Lisa Laird – Why Diabetes Educators Licensure?

On May 23 the Pennsylvania House Professional Licensure will meet on House Bill 1851, Licensure of Diabetes Educators. Please share your support if you are in PA.

DPAC_LisaLpngLicensure will optimize patient care for those with diabetes by identifying to […]

#DiabetesAccessMatters – Your Access Stories Matter

Logos 150x200

Diabetes is complex.

Access shouldn’t be.

Access to the appropriate care is critical to living successfully with diabetes. The best practice is individualized diabetes care programs, so what is appropriate may vary too. Our community’s stories reflect this.

We asked people with diabetes […]