DPAC creates advocacy campaigns focusing on issues in three areas: Safety, Quality, and Access.

ACT NOW: Ask Congress to find the truth about Medicare’s mail-order diabetes testing supply program.

Call for a hearing to determine if Medicare bidding increases diabetes mortality and hospitalization

We don’t know the truth about Medicare’s diabetes supply program. Medicare says their bidding program has not impacted access or patient safety. Research presented at the ADA Scientific Sessions shows that people with diabetes faced higher risks of death and hospitalization. Congress should find the truth.

ACT NOW: Email State leaders about infection control in care facilities.

Assisted blood glucose monitoring in long-term-care facilities, clinic, and hospitals is sadly a primary source of blood-borne virus disease transmission. Between 1990 and 2008, there were 18 hepatitis B virus infection outbreaks in the United States that were associated with the improper use of blood glucose monitoring equipment.

The Governor and state legislators should act to ensure public health offices are following CDC guidelines for infection control that safeguard patients and healthcare personnel.

ACT NOW: Petition for Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy for Insulin Dosing; the US Should NOT Fall Behind International Standards.​

Urge Congressional oversight to ensure that FDA, Medicare, and other agencies agree on a definition of quality glucose meters.

The FDA stated in December 2013, “Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy is the most important criteria in determining glucose meter quality.” However, the quality of devices covered by Medicare fails to meet international accuracy standards.

ACT NOW: Ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Medicare CGM Access Act.

Most private insurance covers CGM because it adds value and safety to traditional finger sticks. For people using insulin and other medications that can cause lows, CGM can help prevent dangerous hypoglycemia. Seniors are more at risk than others for hospitalization from hypos but currently Medicare does not cover CGM.

ACT NOW: Save lives and reduce cost with broader access to educators.

One policy step to reducing the burden of diabetes, improving health outcomes and lowering costs is improved access to diabetes education. Diabetes education can be enhanced by increasing the pool of providers and bringing the benefit in line with new recommendations on critical times for diabetes education. Ask your Congress Members to support Access to Quality Diabetes Education Act of 2015 (S. 1345 / HR 1726).