Advocate Anywhere for Diabetes with the DPAC Mobile App

You’re busy. 

We get that. 

Many of us have to focus on diabetes daily management on top of jobs and family. Diabetes policy advocacy may not be a top priority for you – so we make it easy. 

Diabetes Advocacy on the Go

Unless you’re sitting in front of your computer all day, you may miss important actions or breaking news that impacts our community. 
But there are moments when you are waiting… at the DMV, the grocery store line, at the doctor’s office… that you can take an action and raise your voice for diabetes policy in just a few clicks. 
The DPAC Mobile App can connect you with policymakers through calls, tweets, and emails. You can learn more about an issue, share the latest diabetes news, and meet others just like you!

Download the DPAC Mobile App

Download the DPAC Mobile App in Google Play for Android or iTunes for iOS.
You’ll sign up using your email and physical street address (remember, we don’t sell or rent your information – ever) and we’ll connect you automatically to your representatives. 

Click and raise your voice for diabetes safety, quality, and access!